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How to make incense yourself from herbs

Making incense yourself is fun, the smells of herbs and flowers can bring a lot of peace and quiet. We all know the wonderfully relaxing scents of plants and flowers. This has led in the previous years to look for a way to immortalize or prolong this in a certain way.

In all kinds of rituals, plants and flowers have played a major role and today we see such diffusion of smell a lot in the burning of dried herbs. You probably know it, the incense that smells delicious in a herbal shop or an Asian Buddha shop. Also incense is lit a lot in many religious rituals and it can be very relaxing for many people.

Arabic stuff

But how could you make incense yourself? There are a lot of different ways in which you can do this and where you can use your own herbs. It is recommended that you use herbs that you have grown yourself so that you can always keep a good view on what kind of herbs there are in the incense. If you are going to make incense yourself, it is always the easiest to read that in the grain or loose shape. you can get sandalwood incense sticks exporters in Indore by zedblack visit them they have best quality in Incense sticks.

The herbs, leaves and fruits you want to use are picked and dried well. This can be done by binding the herbs together and hanging them in a warm, dry place. You can dry the herbs in the oven , often by doing 650 watts for a few minutes.

Dry first

Drying herbs is an essential process before you make the incense, so make sure this process goes well. Leaves, twigs and flowers will then have to be pulverized with a mortar so that they are better dosed. If you want to bind loose incense ingredients into granules, you can use resins for this.

The Arabic gum is a very popular variety of resin, which you will also have to stamp and dissolve in a very small amount of water. Do not add too much because it will become too fluid and you will not have anything at all.

Syrup and smells

When a thick, syrupy substance is made, mix in the ingredients and make small pellets which you then let dry. You can then ignite these in your room to spread the delicious scents of your herbs. For example, you can make lavender incense or even basil incense. You can not think of it so crazy or you can make incense from it if you let the process run smoothly. Make sure that you follow all the steps correctly.


The burning of herbs is widely used in countless rituals. From religious to meditating, through the ages there have been many different ways of using incense. For example, incense can be very relaxing but it is sometimes used to clean a room of odors and energy. Immerse yourself in the different ways incense can be used and you might discover something new you can do. Maybe you will find a way of using that opens new doors for you. Perhaps incense does lead you to a meditative feeling that you can bring to yourself and then do not let go